Pepe knows the most beautiful places

Feel the most beautiful beaches


Enjoy a safari with Pepe around Zanzibar. Anchor the boat where there is coral, schools of fish and super clear sea water.


 is a restaurant built on a coral island. It is Zanzibars most famous place surrounded by water accessible by boat at high tide, on foot at low tide. It is not necessary to book a table in advance, but it is advisable if you want to dine at a specific time.

Prison island

also known as Changuu Island. It takes its name from the prison that was built there. The prison used to belong to an Arab slave trader to imprison rebellious slaves there. Ultimately it was never used and the island is now a turtle sanctuary with visible prison ruins. You can see giant tortoises who could be over 100 years old.

Before Mnemba

diving or snorkeling is worth experiencing in many places around Zanzibar. By boat from Matemwe Beach to Mnemba Atoll and into the water. Corals and hundreds of small and large colorful fish swim around you.